ClassOn ERP Limited is Gold Award Winner - 2017 Certified

Best Startup In Skill Development

India still has the ability to surpass the United States as the global hub for skills. The time is right to coordinate this growth with the requirement for an industry-ready workforce as the nation is rapidly developing with a tremendous amount of human capital.

What Does This Best Startup In Skill Development By Assocham Awards Mean?

The ASSOCHAM Summit-cum-Awards are given to people who have contributed significantly and shown a dedication to the growth of skills by putting in place programs for training and skill development. The awards ceremony included a gala lunch with more than 500 guests in attendance.

Engagement, commitment, and achievement in skilling in India served as the criteria for the prize. In this category, organizations like the Smile Foundation, Elite Education, Muskan Foundation, and North East Education were nominated.

Marg ERP, which has actively participated in the government's Skill India Program, received the Best Start-Up in Skill Development award at a gala ceremony hosted by ASSOCHAM. Mr. Rajiv Pratap Rudy, India's Union Minister of State for Skill Development, presented the prize.

Why You Should Work With The Best Startup In Skill Development Awardee Company?

"The best startup in skill development" is one of the most significant honors given to organizations that have assisted in fostering national development. The recipients of this award are known for being dependable and trustworthy when it comes to continually innovating to improve the operations of their account holders' businesses.

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