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Crafting Digital Excellence: Design Your School Logo With Class ON

Simplicity and Memorability

A simple and memorable logo is essential for effective branding.

Relevance and Versatility

A logo should reflect the brand’s identity and values.

Some of our Designs


Logos are the graphic extension of the internal strengths of an institution.

Mr. Milan Hans Admission Booster Coach
Founder & C.E.O. of Class ON


School Logo - The Graphical Identity

Logo is an integral part of any institution. An attractive and professional logo helps to make the school gain identity among the masses. Budding institutions often fail in this race due to hiring unprofessional individuals, thus falling short of the required success. Class ON, with a team of professional Logo Experts, has come up with the service of providing the best and most relatable logos. Scroll up for more detailed information.


An Art Open to All Institutions

If you are a budding institution, having no graphical identity, Class ON is there to help you. Class ON can provide an eye-catching solution to this crisis. Also, if you are an existing player In the field of educational institutions, but want to redefine a touch of professional expertise to the existing logo, Class ON is there for you too. You are just one step away from getting your logo restructured according to the ongoing trends and best colour combinations.

Explore Our Logo Design Portfolio

Discover a collection of our finest logo designs crafted to enhance brand identities across diverse industries. Each logo reflects our commitment to creativity, professionalism, and client satisfaction.

Brief and Research
Concept Development
Digital Drafting
Feedback and Revision
Delivery and Documentation
The Methodologies

Understanding The Steps

  • Requirements Gathering:

    Institutions share their logo requirements with our dedicated team.

    Our professionals thoroughly understand and analyze these requirements.

  • Conceptualization and Sketching:

    Based on the gathered insights, our team initiates research and development (R&D) to conceptualize ideas.

    They create initial sketches that embody the principles of professionalism, trendiness, and classiness.

  • Digital Design Development:

    Digital designers transform the chosen sketches into refined digital designs.

    Up to 2-4 different logo options are developed and presented to the institution for consideration.

  • Final Selection and Delivery:

    The institution selects the preferred logo from the options provided.

    Upon selection, the finalized logo design is delivered, marking the completion of the process.

The Golden Perks

Class ON is always entrusted with providing better services than others. The reasons for such strong customer relations are as follows.

Hassle-Free Process

Class ON always tries to focus on a smooth process. Having zero tolerance towards unprofessional work, the process remains a non-tiring one. Just say the requirements and choose the best- it’s all that needs to be done.

Revision Facilities

As Customer Satisfaction is the top-most priority, Class ON provides up to 2 revisions for logo designs. Stay assured that your voice won’t be unheard. Till your satisfaction, Class ON will be with you.

Flexible Formats

The final logo shall be provided in a Flexible Format. The institutions can use it for book labels, embroidering on bags, ties or dresses, printing on brochures and hoardings, or even engraving logos in belts. The school can use it for all the required purposes.

Your Logo, Your Right

Class ON never claims for rights over their designed Logos. Once it has been submitted to the Institutions, they are provided full rights for it. They can get trademark rights over the logos, making the foundation of the school stronger.

No Copy Work

Often, unprofessional logo designers try to copy other schools’ logos and make minute changes to the same. Class ON is strictly against copy works. Be ensured that your logo shall be a unique entity, not inspired by any other existing ones.

Boosting Impression

A logo symbolises the core beliefs of an institution. Through the logo, parents relate to what values their wards shall learn. A professional eye-catching logo can boost the admissions, bringing you under a separate class from the other hundreds.