School Startup Pack

New in the field of education? Get your school’s business framework done with Class ON

Your Path to Success

Imagine starting a school from scratch—it’s a daunting task. From hiring the right team to choosing the best approach, every step is crucial. But here’s the thing: many schools fail to grow, not because they lack funds, but because of flawed methods. Does that mean giving up on your dream? Absolutely not! If you’re facing these challenges, you’re in the right place. Stay tuned for simple yet effective solutions to your problems.


Empower your institution with innovation, inspire with excellence, and lead with purpose – because great schools shape tomorrow’s leaders.

Mr. Milan Hans Admission Booster Coach
Founder & C.E.O. of Class ON


Potholes in the Road to Success

After extensive research into Indian schools, we've observed a common challenge: many lack sufficient resources and guidance. In today's 21st-century landscape, relying solely on traditional offline methods for school administration may not yield significant results. Moreover, managing multiple tasks such as school branding, name selection, logo and website design, admission creatives, festival creatives, marketing strategies, ID card and business card printing, among others, can become overwhelming for school management. Often, amidst these tasks, schools overlook the importance of establishing a robust online presence, a crucial element for success. Recognizing these challenges, Class ON has developed an all-in-one solution - the School Starter Pack!


Where Solution Overpowers Problems

Class ON offers an exceptional Starter Pack tailored for both newcomers and seasoned players in education. Comprising 26 essential features, this pack is designed to significantly skyrocket your school’s growth rate.

Class ON School Starter Pack

The All-In-One Kick-Off Kit

Planning to launch your new school but lack experience? Don’t be troubled! Class ON offers an All-in-one School Starter Pack besides its ERP module. Turn your vision into reality by teaming up with us. Allow us to enhance your school startup and enjoy guaranteed benefits. With recommendations from multiple individuals, Class ON is positioned to be the essential partner, bringing valuable experience and innovative ideas to your institution.

Framing the Road to Success

Class ON is known not only for promising but also for delivering. You ask, we promise, we deliver: simple without any rocket science!

Trademark Your Brandname & Logo
100% Unique Logo Design
Flex & Hoarding Design
Website Design
Premium Quality ID Cards
100% Smart School with Class ON

Online Presence: The New Necessity

In today’s digital landscape, an educational institution’s online presence is paramount for visibility, reputation, and outreach. Through websites, social media, and other digital platforms, institutions can showcase their offerings, values, and achievements to a global audience, attracting prospective students and stakeholders. A strong online presence not only enhances branding and credibility.

Class ON provides assistance via its package for website creation and search engine optimization by seasoned professionals, aiding schools in ranking among the multitude of educational institutions. Furthermore, by using digital advancements to optimise management, Class ON ERP can significantly diminish the necessary workforce, sparing school administrations from expending precious time, energy, and finances.

Irreplaceable Perks of our Pack

Crafted by industry experts in school management, the starter pack is especially for Indian schools, ensuring it perfectly aligns with their unique needs and challenges. Here are some extraordinary advantages that set it apart:

Social Media Spark

Establish your school’s online presence from account creation to ongoing management for a year, showcasing your school’s identity on social media platforms. This ensures visibility and reputation among the general public as a respected educational institution.

Your Website Genie

Utilize Class ON’s services not just for website creation but also for optimising it for search engines. This is absolutely essential for driving traffic and in turn increasing admissions.

Expert Strategic Advice

Benefit from four Zoom sessions with Mr. Milan Hans, receiving guidance on effective strategies. These will help to enhance your school’s growth, avoiding wastage of resources like time, money and labour on trial and error.

Designing Facilities

Have professional designers create brochures, business cards, ID cards, and social media posters tailored to your preferences. This ensures that attracts more attention and builds trust through modern and polished designs.

Class ON ERP Solution

Streamline management tasks with Class ON’s ERP solution. Consolidate multiple functionalities into one platform and simplify community management with just a few clicks on your screens.

Ignite Public Interest

Unlock a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind promotional reels and videos crafted specifically for your institution. Each piece possesses the potential to ignite viral trends and significantly elevate public interest in your school.