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Key Features of School Report Card Software

Less Paper Work & Transparency and Communication

Report cards are a major part of the education system. They reflect the overall performance of the students. A detailed and organised report card is a signature of a good school. Report card generator is a software which uses technical advancements in an efficient way to reduce the workload of the schools. Imagine making a report card of thousands of students! Quite a tiring, time-consuming, workforce requiring and resource-expensive task it is. Report card generators can reduce the negative effects and complete the task within half the time. It eases not only the work of schools but also of the parents. The app becomes a boon for working parents. From calculation to providing the rankings, the report card generator brings all the functions under one roof!

Report Generator

An advanced way to create reports

  • Creating a report card is a tiring and time-consuming job. Report card generator does the work of days in minutes only.

  • Chance of mistakes is high in manual work. It gets minimised when the report card generator is used, increasing the efficiency.

  • A lot of papers are required for report cards annually. Report card generator, using online features, minimised this cost.

  • Manually, the ranking system is a tiring process and only a few students get their ranks. But with a generator, one can provide ranks for the entire class.


Benefits for School Report Card Generator Software

Generate report cards compatible with any type of examination.

Report cards are according to the latest guidelines from the board.

Send instant notifications regarding reports to the parents through app.

Easy method of entering marks ensuring minimum errors.

Allow subject teachers to enter marks for their subjects only.

In case of optional subjects, the report shows only the chosen ones.

Provides reports for average, weighted average, rankings and marks.

Exportable to Excel providing extra benefits for administrators.

Report of the whole class can be generated within a click.

Generate Appreciation certificates for merit holders.

Result can be shown in the app if the school desires to do so.

Extra edge by Class ON

Some Exclusive features provided by Class ON are as follows:

Customisable Report Cards

Schools can customise their report cards accordingly. Our specialised team can help design the report card with logos and colours as said by schools.

Compatible for Indian schools

Be it CBSE, ICSE or any state boards, this tool is compatible for all. It has been crafted specially for Indian schools.

Results through app

Schools can deliver the result through the app too! Parents can receive a detailed report card at the comfort of their house.

Maintain Recordson Cloud

All the data is stored within the cloud database. The school can maintain records of their students through this.

User-friendly Interface

Teachers can enter marks directly through their mobile app, through Excel sheets, or any other methods according to their expertise.

Availability in all formats

All the well-known formats are available. The school can choose the format according to their wish and can customise their report cards.