Deviceless Van Tracking

No worries about your child’s transport, get real-time tracking facilities with Class ON

Deviceless Van Tracking: Daily Travel Partner

Van tracking without the need for devices eradicates the necessity of installing specific GPS hardware in each and every school van. Instead, it utilises the internal GPS functionality of mobiles to track the instant location.


This cost effective technology helps both School administrative and Parents

Mr. Milan Hans Admission Booster Coach
Founder & C.E.O. of Class ON


How does it all come together?

Our customised driver app offers real-time location updates of van drivers to parents, teachers, and school authorities, ensuring peace of mind regarding their children’s safety.


Perks Guaranteeing Secure Transportation

We offer Live van tracking via mobile app, direct notifications for pickups and drop-offs, and personalized route planning ensuring hassle-free journeys.

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Parental feedback on this advancement

This is an absolute game-changer! Earlier, I used to worry about the whereabouts of my child if he was late by few minutes. The ability to effortlessly track the bus location directly on my phone brings such a sense of relief. It enables me to empower my child to get ready independently in the morning without worrying about them missing the bus. Even if the bus arrives late, I get easily notified about the instant location of the bus directly on my screen.


How does it pair effortlessly with School ERP software?

The ERP’s transportation module pre-notifies routes and stops.

Drivers need to download the app on their phones to relay their location to the ERP system.

Parents, teachers and school administrators can track the current van’s movements through a well defined map interface on the ERP dashboard through their apps.

The system can automatically dispatch notifications about pick-up/drop-off times, delays, and even about the deviations from the planned route due to road blockages or other problems.

Perks of Device-free Van Tracking

Deviceless van tracking offers cost savings by removing the necessity for extra hardware.

Most Affordable

The manual device brings the burden of annual rentals. We Save on the expense of acquiring and upkeeping individual GPS devices for each van.

Simple and quick Installation

Rapid Deployment, primarily involving software implementation with minimal hardware adjustments

Changes made easier

Quickly Add or remove vans from the tracking system without the hassle of installing or uninstalling manual devices.

Enhanced Simplicity

Zero involvement of hardware reduces the risk of technical glitches, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

Data Harmonization

Effortless integration of tracking data with other ERP modules such as student information, attendance, and communication, providing a well-managed overview.

User-friendly Interface

From bus drivers to school administrators, our app interface is simplified for the use of all taking care even of the language barriers.