Festival Day Banners

Get unique attractive banners customised for each occasion by Class ON

Festival Day Banners

Daily download vibrant festival and day banners with your school branding – no graphic designer needed!

Birthday Poster

Get eye-catching birthday posters for students and teachers, personalized with your school brand, No designing software required!

Reviving “TODAY’S” Importance with Festive Banners!

Every day is a celebration of something extraordinary, from the well-known festivities like Diwali, Id or Christmas to the lesser-known but equally significant occasions like World Red Cross Day and World Cancer Day. While some holidays offer us holidays or capture widespread attention, others quietly hold quite a lot of importance for various reasons, waiting to be celebrated and honoured. This is equally important for not one but multiple reasons, which is revealed one by one. Scroll up and dive in to know more!


Festivals deepen the relationships and bring the students closer to the staff, making everyone feel like a family.

Mr. Milan Hans Admission Booster Coach Founder &
C.E.O. of Class ON


The Necessity of Festivities

Taking an example of World Cancer Day, it’s most importantly a way to spread awareness about the deadly disease, Cancer. If the school itself takes this responsibility by posting digital banners through social media, it primarily increases the general awareness of their students. Secondly, it increases the sense of togetherness and enhances the overall impression. Remember, attention to detail is what matters the most!


Class ON bringing it for FREE!

Class ON offers an impressive perk: templates of digital banners for every occasion, a service that would typically cost a minimum of Twenty Thousand a month if sourced externally. However, Class ON provides this service completely free of charge to all its clients. Isn’t that remarkable?

Experience Some Unique Templates

Carved specifically and individually for every occasion.

Strategies That Work Shh! We have more.

Birthday Posters for Students & Teachers

Class ON is introducing birthday posters. For every student, Class ON carves out unique birthday designs with Adequate branding of the school along with their official Logo. The route rolls as follows: Class ON shares 20-25 templates. The school, then, shares these posters in all of their social media handles, be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and any other. This makes not only the students feel extremely affectionate, but also their parents. They feel the school as their true second home.

When the parents reshare these posters, they get circulated in their personal networks. This brings on an additional perk: Extended Reach. The school gets popular among the network of parents, increasing the chance of admissions. Hence, besides strengthening the community from within, it brings extra business too!

Still doubtful of choosing us?

Take a look at our highlighted perks and get all the doubts vanished.

Increased Impressions

When one school posts almost daily on different occasions, it boosts their social media handles increasing reach. This increases the chance of bringing in new students.

Daily Reminders

Class ON provides reminders through WhatsApp and their app about all each day. This nullifies the chance of forgetting. Also, the templates are within their WhatsApp chats making it easier.

Not One but many

Class ON prepares at least 5 unique templates with proper branding of schools and also the official logos. The designs carry a professional touch. Choose your favourite and post it on all media handles.

Your Impression, Our Priority.

Being your partner in growth, we always care for making your school look the best among all. We try our utmost by making all our posters and banners, digitally trendy and professional, with a touch of uniqueness.

User-friendly Approach

Class ON ensures providing the final result to you through WhatsApp. This eases the process of choosing and also allows hassle-free chances of sharing on all social media handles, prioritising your comfort.

Attention to Details

This is completely an add-on service by Class ON. As a growth partner, your success is ours too. Class ON wants your school to be pre-informed and be accurate in these fields too! Earn the badge of “responsible school” by using Class ON!