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Time to Replace the old-fashioned ID cards with cool & high-quality ones!


School ID card Software Defining a Premium Touch to ID Cards

Referring to the traditional way, ID card creation was an extensive process. From hiring a photographer for photos to searching different clients for cheap prices, ID card creation was a hectic mess. With our advanced technologies, the process has become Swift and Easy. Our software module enables the personalised creation of student ID cards, featuring key details like the student’s name, photo, ID number, and other additional information.

Experience Premium Quality ID Cards

We invite you to take a closer look at our extensive video presentation, where we showcase a wide array of samples featuring our premium ID cards, crafted to define quality and excellence.

Explore Our Range of Premium ID Cards

Quality meets innovation. Your ID solution, perfected

  • Classic White Holder ID Cards

  • Sleek Transparent Holder ID Cards

  • Waterproof Acrylic ID Cards

  • Advanced Biometric RFID Cards

  • Stylish ATM-Style Parent Cards

  • Exclusive Exhibition ID Cards

  • Cutting-edge NFC Smart Cards

Standout Features

ID cards, a dire essential in every institution, serve as personal identifiers, facilitating access to services and ensuring security to every individual and asset of the school.

Easy Customization

Our system enables the generation of personalized student ID cards, featuring the student’s name, picture, ID number, and relevant details. The design will match the school’s branding and security needs.

Integration with Security Systems

Student ID cards can effortlessly integrate with access control systems within the school through RFID technology, enhancing security by limiting entry to authorized individuals in specific areas such as classrooms, libraries, or laboratories.

Versatility of our Cards

Class ON ID cards have versatile uses, functioning as access cards, library cards, or meal cards. This solution empowers schools to create ID card designs to specific requirements, enhancing operational efficiency across various areas such as libraries, cafeterias, or laboratories.


Perks of Opting School ID cards

Choosing us ensures top-notch quality, customizable features, and competitive pricing, guaranteeing a smooth experience suiting perfectly to your needs.

Cutting-edge Technology

Experience the utmost in reliability with technologically advanced ID cards that use RFID technology for enhanced security for accurate identification of individuals.

Rapid Processing

Class ON ensures swift and smooth processing, delivering your final product with unmatched efficiency, and minimizing the waiting period associated with manual ID creation.

Streamlined ID Creation

With the Class ON ERP app, administrators can effortlessly submit photos and necessary details directly, eliminating complexities entirely from the ID creation process.

Exceptional Build Quality

Class ON assures unparalleled superiority in craftsmanship, delivering premium, scratch-resistant multicoloured acrylic ID cards renowned for their durability and longevity.

Competitive Pricing

Benefit from our cost-effective pricing, enabling institutions to not only save time but also reduce financial strains, providing scope for greater investment in other more important sectors.