Parents App

Track all the information about your child’s education in a single interface!


Stay Connected & Informed About Your Child's School Life

The Class ON Parents App is like a special walkie-talkie for you, your child, and their teachers! It's user-friendly and ensures you're always in the loop about everything school-related. It's a free app that makes it super easy to stay in the loop about everything school-related.

Here's what you can do with the Class ON Parents App:
  • The Class ON Parents App is easy to use! It's like using Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, but for all things school!

  • Class ON Parents app is also super safe and secure, so you can relax knowing your child's information is protected.

  • This app keeps you updated with notifications from the school and teachers about every activity, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Benefits of
Parent's App

Parents can track their child's progress reports and activities through the Parents App


Benefits of Class ON
Parent App

Join Live Classes & Keep Track of Children's School Activities.

Track Student Attendance Apply Leaves & Manage Leave Records.

Access Homework, Syllabus, Gallery, Activities & Assignments Conveniently.

Save Time & Pay Fees Directly through the App, No Trips to the School Office Needed.

Track Fees, Payments & Balances Effortlessly on the App.

Download Important Resources for School Holidays, Calendars, Timetables & Tests Anytime.

View the Child's Grades & Progress Reports for Insightful Performance Monitoring.

Receive Digital School Announcements & Permission Slips, Reducing Paper Waste.

Access E-Learning Videos & Study Material with a Single Click.

Apply gatepass effortlessly and access records for seamless tracking and management.