School ERP Software

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What is a School ERP Software?

A School ERP software is a combo pack of all the features needed for efficient management of a school. From top to bottom, each and every work in managing a school will be taken care of under a single roof. From integrating student information to dealing with academic processes, fee collection, teacher and staff records, library management and even dealing with transportation matters, a School ERP does it all. All these works, if done manually, shall take huge manpower, and even after this, it still becomes difficult to manage. For efficient functioning, School ERP software uses technology to deal with all these within a few clicks. It guarantees improving the efficiency of the processes, making improved and correct decisions, increasing the transparency between the working staff and the students, and even informing parents about all the needed information. Overall, the administrators, the faculties, the working staff, the students and even the parents are benefited from using this technology.

Lifetime updates

Ensuring latest features

  • 100% secure cloud database ensuring your data is safe at all times.

  • User-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality

  • Enhances transparency and accountability in school operations

  • Improves overall efficiency and productivity of school staff.

ClassOn ERP Software

Smart Solution for School Management

The smarter way to work

A school management system software offers a wide range of features to simplify administrative tasks in educational institutions. These include student information management, attendance tracking, grade book management, fee management, communication tools, timetable management, library management software, examination management, finance management, staff management, transportation management, reporting and analytics, customization options, user-friendly interfaces, mobile app accessibility, integration capabilities, data security measures, support and training, regular updates, multi-language support, and cloud-based solutions. The software can be customized to meet the specific requirements of educational institutions, from small schools to large educational groups, providing a personalized fee management experience.


Benefits of School Management Software

With Class ON App, you get:

Eases the process of fee management

Enhances the experience of online payment

Provides well defined reports and helps make correct decisions

Makes teacher-student and teacher-parent communications easy

Cloud-based storage of data with guaranteed security

Helps in scheduling the exams

Managing time tables and daily events

Helps in attendance management of both working staff as well as students

Increases the transparency of the functioning of a school

Enhances communication between teachers and administrators

Reduces manual effort to almost zero

Enhancing Your School
Our Contribution

At our company, we are dedicated to make your school better. We work hard to come up with new ideas and collaborate closely with you. Our goal is to help your school succeed by bringing our best to the table. We believe that by working together, we can achieve great things and help your school grow.

Time and Resource Optimization

Class ON automates repetitive tasks, allowing school staff to focus on more important activities such as student engagement & academic support. It saves time & optimizes resources, resulting in improved productivity.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our School Management Software offers a cost-effective solution compared to traditional manual methods. It eliminates the need for excessive paperwork, reduces operational costs, and improves overall efficiency.

Customizable and Scalable

Our software is highly customizable, allowing you to adapt it to your school's unique requirements. It also offers scalability to accommodate the growth and changing needs of your institution.

Continuous Improvement and Updates

We are committed to continuous improvement and regularly release updates and enhancements to our software. Schools benefit from new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

Comprehensive Support and Training

We provide comprehensive support and training to ensure a smooth transition and effective utilization of our software, offering training sessions, documentation, and ongoing assistance to maximize its benefits.

Data Security and Backup

Our software ensures the security and privacy of school data through robust data encryption, regular backups, and secure cloud-based storage, providing peace of mind and protection against data loss.