School Accounting Software

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Accounting Software

Primary Features

  • Creating and Managing Multiple Accounts :

    With ClassOn's School software, creating and managing multiple accounts for your School Finance is easy and hassle free. Having a physical ledger for each type of financial category is not only complex but also the probability of miscalculations and losing records enhances a lot. Our Accounting software enables you to create, manage accounts, maintain online ledgers for any category you need for all the finance of your school. You can customize your account categories according to your requirements any time.

  • Effortless Monitoring of School Finance:

    Managing and maintaining each and every income and expenses of the School can often be challenging. ClassOn provides the best School software by means of which you can now never miss out each minor to big income and expenses happening in the School account. Moreover, you can add multiple bank accounts that eases up the distribution of the money channels.

  • Single Click Report:

    Generating reports is another feature that helps Schools to monitor their credit and debit much minutely and easily. From purchases to overall profit/loss, ClassOn emerges as the best school app, delivering easy to understand detailed reports on any School Finance.

Time-Saving Compliance

School Management software can save you a lot of time from the long time-taking physical financial records and calculations. School software will automate your accounts, purchases, supplier records, payments, expenses and much more.

Improved Financial Planning

With the best School ERP software in India you can manage and improve your monthly financial planning in a much better way. This will lead to further growth and sustainability of your school management. Our varied accounting capabilities are the certainty for the improvement of your financial planning.

User Friendly Interface

School software is mostly considered to be complex and can be used only by the professionals. ClassOn is here to deliver the most user-friendly and simple to use interface in a school erp software that has ever existed. It is so simple that you will not even need to think twice before using the features.


Benefits of our School Accounting Software

In school accounting software, School management can create multiple customized accounts that help to monitor balance and expenses.

You get distinct sections and subsections in the software that is easy to use and a piece of cake when making strategic financial planning.

School automation software offers a wide range of features to manage your funds in the best way possible.

Manage your inventories and stocks for School supplies easily with the Inventory section and also keep track of the stores.

Different Schools have different ways and systems for their finances. With the best School ERP software in India, Integration of the software with your School's unique system will be simplest.

School software brushes out the scope of calculation errors in your School Finance forever. So goodbye to long nights of rechecking and recalculating.

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How can I maintain my School’s daily expenses in the software?

ClassOn provides a range of sections and ledgers, for accounts, purchase, expenses where you can record everything easily.

How to manage suppliers here?

Our School Accounting Software has a dedicated customisable section for suppliers where you can save everything related to multiple suppliers.

I have multiple stores in my School. Can I manage that in the software?

Yes. Our School software not only has a section for Stores but also has sections for Store stock, Item, Item category, Issue item and many more.

Is it safe to use the software?

It is 100% safe and secure software to use and with this you can only control or access controls to your school finances.

Advantage of choosing our Accounting software

We will optimize financial operations and allow you to concentrate on their primary goal of fostering student growth and development.

Guaranteed Growth

With ClassOn's School ERP software deal with suppliers freely as we will help you manage the payments, ledger, items, purchases for multiple suppliers.

Detailed Reports

ClassOn provides detailed reports on every financial aspect such as expense, suppliers, accounts, payments, income, funds transfer, profit, loss and the list goes on.

Easy Deal with Suppliers

With ClassOn's School ERP software deal with suppliers freely as we will help you manage the payments, ledger, items, purchases for multiple suppliers

Daily Balance Calculation

ClassOn offers you to record multiple Bank accounts in the school software and manage each and every account, opening balance and closing balance without any errors.

Profit/Loss Monitoring

With Income and expense management ClassOn also helps you to calculate and record your School's profit and loss accurately.

Smooth Item Issue

ClassOn makes issuing items for students regarding any section like, education, sports, healthcare, food etc.effortless and smooth with sections for Inventory, Stores, Stocks, Item, Item Category, and Issue Item.