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Class ON- revolutionising teaching with technology


Do you wish you had more time to teach?

Class ON Teacher App is your solution, Simplifying school tasks, and empowering student focus. Streamline your workload, and prioritize teaching!

Make Teaching Easier & Effortless with Teacher App
  • Ditch the paperwork! Track grades, attendance, and student info effortlessly.

  • Stay informed on student progress to enhance their learning.

  • Conduct Live Classes, Submit Test Results, Homework, and Assignments with ease.

  • Seamlessly communicate with parents while keeping records private.

Benefits of
Teacher's App

Teachers can Smartly complete tasks in seconds with the Class ON Teacher App.


Advantage of choosing Class ON Teacher App

Teachers can complete tasks in seconds

  • Check Class Register: 5 Sec.

  • Check Pending Fee List: 10 Sec.

  • Check Timetable: 10 Sec.

  • Check Daily Leaves: 20 Sec.

  • Submit Attendance: 30 Sec.

  • Create Live Class: 30 Sec.

  • Update Student Profile: 30 Sec.

  • Submit Homework: 40 Sec.

  • Submit Class Test: 50 Sec.

  • Class Test Checking: 50 Sec.

  • Submit Class Results: 50 Sec.

  • Submit Study Material: 60 Sec.

  • Create Online Test: 60 Sec.

  • Upload Gallery: 60 Sec.

School Companion

Your school essentials are conveniently accessible on your phone with the Teacher App.

User-Friendly Interface

Effortlessly navigate the Teacher App simple UI and get started right away!

Secure & Swift

Rest assured that the super-safe cloud system ensures fast and protected access to your data.

Exciting Features

Engage in live classes, manage homework, and conduct tests seamlessly with the app's cool features


Here's how the Class ON Teacher App helps

Communicate with parents and students directly through the app, ensuring everyone stays informed.

Easily manage assignments, homework, and activities without the risk of losing papers.

Gain insights into your student's needs and preferences, allowing for personalized teaching approaches.

Input and organize grades electronically, eliminating the need for physical tests and paperwork.

Stay updated on upcoming events and deadlines with the online timetable and calendar feature.

Receive school updates and announcements instantly on your phone.

Conduct online tests and live classes effortlessly with built-in features.

Maintain privacy by keeping your phone number hidden from parents and students.

Rest assured knowing that all records are securely stored, eliminating worries about data loss.