Why Choose Class ON

Discover the difference between us and others: explore the advantages of Class ON.

Guaranted Best Value

Free Lifetime School ERP if you Find a Better Deal

Class ON promises that at the price we offer you 80+ Features, monthly updates,service and support, if any compnay in india or around the world offer you school management software at the same price, we will provide you free school ERP software for life.So, you can use our software without any worries.

Peace of Mind

Fast Fixes or Get Free Month

Our Promise to you our system is safe and can handle all your tasks smoothly. But if something goes wrong, our expert team is ready to fix it fast. If we can't solve the problem within 24 hours, we'll give you an extra month for free. Plus, with our reliable service, you can focus on what really matters - running your organization efficiently.

Monthly New Features

Keeping you School ahead with Class ON

We promise you that every month, you'll get new features and regular updates. We believe in constantly improving because if we don't update ourselves, we'll fall behind. We think we are the first School ERP company in India that gives you something new every month, bringing fresh features and add-ons to your school.


30+ Reasons to Choose Class ON

Unlocking Excellence - 30+ Reasons Why Class ON is Your Perfect School ERP Solution for Every Indian K-12 School!

Customer Support

We strive for a 100% Money Back Guarantee if we are unable to solve your problems within 24 hours.

We’re in Top Rank

We are industry-leading and most affordable School Management ERP and Application.

Years of Experience

We are serving and leading the industry since our inception (2009) to till date.

Data Security

We provide World-class security and Data Encryption to always ensure the 100% safety of your data.

Lightning Fast

We made our system amazingly light and superfast to provide you smooth user experience.

Lifetime Free Updates

You will get lifetime free updates for ERP system and Mobile application including new features and add-ons.

Speak to Real Person

We don’t use chat bots, we have customer support executives to answer and solve your every queries.

Free Training

Our Expert Trainers are always available for Training at your school premises.

Data Privacy

Your data privacy is our prime concern. We value your privacy so you can use our services with confidence.

Next Level Technology

We use most powerful cloud computing system so your system will not be hampered.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

We provide unlimited cloud storage for your data. So you can share unlimited files with ease.


We provide the most affordable and cost-effective solutions for all your needs including our free plan.


We provides paperless eco-friendly environment so you can save a ton of papers and save our mother Earth.

Easy and Efficient

You will get lifetime free updates for ERP system and Mobile application including new features and add-ons.

Variety of plans

We offer variety of feature rich and affordable plans according to your requirements and budget.

ISO Certified

We are ISO certified company and we comply with all the international standards to provide you excellent service.

Full Transparency

We are highly committed to providing you 100% Transparency on our pricing and product.

Practical System

We use practical approach as our products and services have practical applicability and scalability.

Google Certified

Google is world’s biggest company & we are certified partner with Google. So you can trust us as you trust in Google.

Honesty & Integrity

We have been in the Industry-leading business for the last 11 Years due to our honesty and integrity. So you can trust us with full confidence.

Always Improving

We are continuously improving our products by upgrading and adding new features to provide you great user experience

Support Guaranteed

We assure written consent to solve your any kind of problem within 24 hours as your satisfaction is our priority.

No Hidden Cost

We are highly transparent in terms of cost. You will get a detailed report of your plan and usage statistics to know your investment better.

All Under One Roof

We provide one stop solution for all your needs like ERP Software, Mobile Application, Website etc. at one place for your ease.

Hardware Integration

We offer customization solutions as our school ERP system has the capability of integrating with any kind of hardware devices like biometric integration etc.

Highly Experienced Team

We have professionally experienced and expert software architect and developers team to provide you instant solution for all of your requirements.

We Put You First

We provide priority support to our clients. We use consultative approach to provide best suggestions for your institution.

Quality of Work

We believe in delivering high-quality work, so we provide instant solutions with the least time frame and resources.

Reduce Your Stress

Our School ERP system and App provide you a virtual office system to reduce your stress and manual work by more than 80%.

Think long term relations

We do not believe only in selling our products but we always feel pleasure in building long-term strong relations with our clients that create win-win situation for both.

Automatic Backup

We offer a built-in automatic backup system to keep your data up to date without losing a single file.