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Crafting Digital Excellence: Design Your School Website With Class ON

Enhanced Communication

Improves communication channels between the school, students, parents, and community members, facilitating easier access to information, announcements, and updates.

Increased Visibility and Outreach

Expands the school's reach by providing an online platform that showcases its programs, achievements, and events, thereby attracting prospective students and enhancing community engagement.

Your School's Digital Identity - Building Your Brand Online


A digital gateway to showcase your school's excellence, 24/7, where learning meets limitless possibilities.

Mr. Milan Hans Admission Booster Coach
Founder & C.E.O. of Class ON


Transform Your Institution with Professional Website Design Services

Your online identity is as important as your offline one. This era is an era of digitalisation. But as a matter of fact, many institutions are still not having their own websites. This not only hinders their growth but also their proceedings. Class ON has brought to you the service of Website Designing. Having a team of professionals, Class ON can be entrusted with the best website designs for a seamless online presence. Want to know more about the functioning? Scroll up for more info!


Optimize Your Online Presence with Class ON

It is better to not have a website rather than a malfunctioning website. Your day-to-day work can be hampered due to a single error. That's why, it is advised to always consult with a person having full knowledge (which is of course hard to find in the open market). Class ON simplifies the job by bringing to on table a dedicated team. Our professionals have enough expertise to understand your requirements and craft the perfect website at the best cost.

Did you know?

Class ON provides unlimited hosting facilities and domain for the operations of the website. SSL is also activated from our end.

Domain Registration
Unlimited Hosting
SSL Activation
Social Media & Whatsapp Integration
Fully Dynamic Admin Portal
Create Unlimited Forms
Decoding the Steps

Customized Website Solutions and Ongoing Support by Class ON

Focus on understanding each institution's unique requirements.

Customize designs to match institution colours, logos, and preferences.

Design tailored menus and patterns for intuitive navigation.

Provide optimized and attractive website content.

Emphasize using only AI-crafted or copyright-owned images to avoid legal issues.

Offer ongoing support post-delivery to address any website queries or issues.

Ensure dedicated team availability for prompt solutions and support.

Seamless, Customizable School Websites for Every Need

Class ON has been a leading performer in the field of website development. Many institutions have directly benefited through this one service. The reasons for such success are:

Multiple Usage
Multiple Usage

The websites remain optimised for various uses be it admission procedures, fee payment, academic functioning or many others. Class ON ensures the smooth functioning of all these functions simultaneously.

Customisable Entity

Class ON provides full rights to the institution’s admins to make necessary updates. From updating galleries, and adding new faculty names to updating records, Class ON allows full access to the institutions.

For India, By India

Class ON, being an Indian Innovation, has spent years understanding the specific requirements for Indian Schools. Class ON develops websites that are suitable for every Indian variety of institutions. (ICSE, CBSE, State Curriculums or International Standards).

Widespread Compatibility

The designed Websites are made compatible for all platforms (be it mobiles, tablets, computers or laptops). These websites run without difficulties in platforms of users’ choice. This increases the utility to multiples.

Analytics and Reporting

Class ON provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing institutions to track website performance, and visitor demographics. Insights from these analytics help in optimizing content, improving user experience, and making data-driven decisions for continuous website enhancement.

Customer Support

Class ON has come up with dedicated teams to support institutions for all website-related jobs. Class ON takes responsibility for the smooth functioning of its websites so that the institutions can continue the journey towards success without any hardships.