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Smart School Management ERP

Our services would help you change your school into a smarter place for learning. The several services we offer would provide a high-end solution for managing your school effectively.

School Applications for Connecting Everyone

You would get an application developed by us which could connect everyone to your school. There would be a proper connection between the school and the students.

Establish Better Communication

We offer you the one-stop solution to have transparent communication between you and students/parents for a better experience. By this, you can take a step in the right direction for child’s growth.

Modernistic School Website

Get a website which would be smart and feature-loaded. The website has the capability to self-update itself when you update the content in the ERP or mobile applications.

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Zohan Smith

When we were just embarking on our search for a new School ERP system, we had no idea there was anybody in the market like ClassOn App.

Vanita Sharma


Zohan Smith

We are extremely happy to engage with ClassOn for School Management System. After a week Our School is already realizing significant benefits with classOn.

Manjot Singh

School Director

Zohan Smith

We are Using an Old Paperwork system in our school but ClassOn guided us through the entire process of how to run school Online in a very Efficient Manners

Aman Arora



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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive for a 100% money back guarantee if we are unable to solve your problems within 24 hours.

Free Lifetime Updates

You need not pay anything for updates of our ERP system, Mobile Application or Website, it’s free.

Top-Notch Services

We provide elite school management services for your school to make it a smart place for learning.

Made in India

Our Whole System is made by Indians for Indians as per the Indian Education System.

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