School ERP software for Indian Schools

India's first School ERP Software with a powerful toolkit to boost admissions! Class ON is a comprehensive school ERP software solution featuring over 90 modules, 4 mobile apps, and 30+ specialized services tailored for Indian schools.


Secure & Reliable Cloud Based
School Management Solution

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Simplify School Management!
Go Digital with School ERP Software

Imagine manually handling daily school tasks like attendance, timetables, fees, report cards, and certificates – it's tricky. But fear not! Class ON's School ERP Software is your time, money, and energy-saving solution. An eco-friendly choice for schools, it's like a helpful friend, making school life a breeze

90+ Useful Modules meshed with Mobile Apps

100% Secure and Reliable Cloud System

SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Payment Gateway Integrations

GPS, RFID, QR Scanner, Biometrics Supported

Flexible Payment System and Low Cost of Ownership

24/7 Dedicated Support Team

Every Month New Update Guaranteed

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One-Stop Solution
Enhancing School Management with Advanced Apps

Smart Mobile Apps provide a Holistic Communication Solution between Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, and School.

  • Elevate your school's efficiency with our advanced apps, offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates various aspects of school management.

  • Our smart mobile apps make it easy for students, parents, teachers, staff, and the school to communicate smoothly.

Make Your School Digital  
School App

Your School's Control Center for Easy Management and Communication.

Teacher App

Effortless Classroom Management, Real-time Parent Interaction etc.

Parent App

Easily track your child's progress, fees, attendance, and other activities effortlessly.

Driver App

Effortlessly Navigate Routes, Real-time interaction with parents etc.

Looking for the Advanced School Management Software for your School ?

Class ON is one of the most experienced school service providers in India, with 20 years of experience in the IT field and over 8 years of experience in the Ed-tech industry

90+ features
Built with more than 90+ Modules

Over 90+ modules are designed to streamline school operations and improve the experience for everyone involved, including students, teachers, and parents.

free lifetime updates
User Friendly Portal & Apps

Simplicity meets efficiency! Our intuitive design ensures seamless navigation for all users. Save time effortlessly with our user-friendly solution.

userfriendly dashboard
Free Lifetime Updates

We believe in continuous innovation, delivering updates every month to ensure your school is always at the forefront. Get everything you need, first-hand, for your school's success.

Tension Gone with Class ON

Here's How We Make Your School Smarter

Say goodbye to paperwork overload with digital assignments, submissions, and grading. Save time and trees!

Effortlessly create and manage class schedules, events, attendance, homework, and activities.

Enjoy auto reminders for school fees, track school buses, manage visitors and gate passes, and effortlessly generate certificates and ID cards.

Keep your lesson plans, teaching materials, and school documents organized in one central hub. Find what you need instantly!


Your School is Unique We've got it Covered


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Why Class ON is the Fastest Growing School ERP Software in India?

Experience Triple Assurance from Class ON: Best Value, Peace of Mind, and Continuous Innovation. We stand apart from other school software providers with our mission to make every school 100% Smart & Digital. Our unique strategies and modules are designed to save your school money, paper, and time.

With Class ON App, you get:

Zero Hardware Costs

100% Data Security & Privacy

Guaranteed New Updates Every Month

No Technical Skills Required

Reliable Support System

User-Friendly Interface

Effortlessly Boost Admissions

Our Users value us as much as we value them
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Are you a school owner or part of school management?

Increase School Admissions with Proven Strategies & Techniques

Our effective strategies and straightforward enrollment process make choosing your school hassle-free for students and families.

Make your School 100% Smart with Class ON Features

Manage Every Aspect of Your School with Class ON

Certificate Creator

Attendance Manager

Homework Manager

Live Class

Gatepass/Visitor Pass

School Related Services

We are One of Few Indian Companies that Provides Unique and Top Quality School Essential Products along with School ERP Software.

School ID Cards

Utilize our intuitive ID card creator featuring pre-designed templates and customization options.

School Logo Designing

Our team of experienced designers creates unique and impactful logos that capture your school's essence.

School Website

Build beautiful and intuitive websites that effectively engage parents, students, and communities.

School Branding

Our experts analyze your school's unique needs and develop a comprehensive branding strategy.

Proudly Supported & Trusted by many Schools around India

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FAQs - Answers to Your Questions About Class ON

Explore common questions and find answers about Class ON, tailored to help you understand our features and benefits.

What is School ERP Software?

School ERP software is a comprehensive system that integrates essential administrative tasks such as attendance tracking, fee management, academic scheduling, and communication into a single platform. It helps schools operate more efficiently by centralizing these functions and improving overall management.

How to Choose the Right School ERP Software?

Choosing the right school ERP software is crucial as it impacts daily operations involving students, parents, and teachers. Class ON's founder & CEO, Mr. Milan Hans, outlines 10 essential points in a special video to help you make an informed decision. Watch it here: Class ON Choose Software Video:

How Does School ERP Software Work for My School?

School ERP software is indispensable for schools of all sizes, facilitating seamless management of tasks such as fee collection, homework, timetable creation, attendance tracking, and more, all accessible in a unified dashboard. Simplify your school's operations with ERP software – your trusted ally.

Is there any hardware required to run Class ON ERP ?

Class ON is a fully cloud-based software, eliminating the need for additional hardware. It operates seamlessly on your existing systems with internet connectivity. User-friendly and supported by tutorial videos and PDFs, it requires no special technical expertise, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Why is Class on School Software Different from Others?

Class ON stands out in the Indian market due to its tailored modules designed through extensive research and development specifically for Indian schools. Unlike others that follow international standards, Class ON ensures user-friendliness with monthly feature updates and guaranteed service and support.

How easy is it to implement Class ON in my school?

Implementing Class ON in your school is effortless – simply say YES to Class ON! Our dedicated team provides step-by-step guidance, assigns a personal account manager, and offers extensive support through tutorials, toll-free helpline, WhatsApp, email, and direct calls. Get onboarded within a day with our proactive support team.

Real-time Updates and Clear Communication
Between Teachers, Parents & Students.

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